Notes on the Arctic - VV.AA.

Notes on the Arctic – VV.AA.


ISBN: 978-84-95461-77-3

Páginas: 132

Edición: 1ª edición, agosto del 2015

Depósito legal: M-24209-2015

Sinopsis: Although the Arctic has traditionally been regarded as a remote and secondary region in the shaping and evolution of the global power balances, Vicente López-Ibor Mayor, Luis Francisco Martínez Montes and Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz set the record straight on this misconception is concerned and analyse the role that the zone has played throughout history: a far from insignicant function in the strategy of the major powers since the beginnings of the Modern Era. They also review Spain’s virtually forgotten, but by no means less fascinating, past involvement in the Arctic (or rather peri-Arctic). The perspective of these experts on the subject matter give some insight into the place that the Arctic, as a consequence of its position and its resources, always had, hypothetically or in reality, and will very probably have in the international geopolitics of 21st Century. These three experts also give careful consideration to the Arctic´s present and future, reviewing its constantly changing geopolitical role, the energy factor, the geoeconomics, the security and the conicts, as well as its view from an International Law perspective.

Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz: A Colonel in the Artillery (DEM) and a lecturer at the High School of Defence Studies (CESEDEN) where he holds the position of Director of the Research & Analysis Department. He has devoted most of his career to strategy and international relations. He took part in peacekeeping operations and was given assignments as adviser to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, and as Defence Attaché in Cairo and Amman. He is also a visiting professor at numerous universities, a geopolitics and security lecturer and has a Master’s in Terrorism Studies from the International University of La Rioja.
Vicente López-Ibor Mayor: A Lawyer, Professor of Law at the University of Comillas, Masters in Business Administration, and a graduate under the Advanced Management Programme (AMP) at the IESE Business School. He was General Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Electrical Industries (UNESA) as well as Chairman of its Legal Committee. A former General Director of FCC, he was commissioner to the National Electrical System Commission and the National Energy Commission. He is also currently a member of the group of experts on Public Procurement for the European Commission. Author of numerous legal and energy publications, he is Chairman of the International Law Studio EJI, and a member of the board of companies in the energy and environment sectors. An active member of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Board of Trustees, he is Chairman of Lightsource R. Energy Limited, leading company in solar power.
Luis Francisco Martínez Montes: A Diplomat. He was posted to the Spanish Embassy in Kazakhstan and to the Spanish Missions to the European Organization for Security and Cooperation and to the United Nations (New York). Assigned to the oce of the Secretary of State for Foreign Aairs and Latin America, he has written several essays on international politics and the history of Spain in the context of globalisation. He is also a member of the Order of Isabel la Católica and a Knight and commander of the Order of Mérito Civil.