The nature of Satan – Mike Ozioma Mbadiwe

Edición: 1ª edición, junio 2008

ISBN: 978-84-612-3446-2

Depósito legal: M-31812-2008

Páginas: 168

Sinopsis: This work will only be appreciated by those who are high enough on that spiritual ladder in man’s obligatory climb towards the Light of God that reveals the Nature of Satan, the dragon of the old serpent called Devil. This grand Work as perceived from the Almighty God will help reveal most means of satanic manipulation of our world, thereby confirming suspicions you have always had concerning this influence blazing through every aspect of human activity. All things and events in the world point to some sort of preparation towards something. This thing is probably the “end” of all things in our world. Some schools of thought call it “The Last Struggle” and some others Globalization. Whatever you call it, understand that man is falling in line with earthly dictates of the Devil and that any opposition to this grand plan is uprooted through brutal military force of Globalization, leading to the gathering of the generals of military armies of the advanced world in what is called war against terrorism. The Nature of Satan is a revelation of his real nature and utter control of all things in our decaying world.