The Way of Saint James on Horseback – Javier Pascual


Edición: 1ª

ISBN: 84-607-4105-2

Depósito legal: P-95 / 2002

Páginas: 237

Sinopsis: More than 300 riding equestrian centres, riding schools, stables, fields, hotels, storehouses and other shelters for horses along the entire road, from Valcarlos and Roncesvalles up to Santiago de Compostela, classified in three categories:
Basics conditions, Good conditions, Excellente conditions.
Maps with icons that indicate the most suitable lodgings. List of Blacksmiths, Veterinairies and Equestrian centres in Every province the road runs through.
Detailed information on equestrian federations, way of St. James Associations, Hotels and Official Refuges. Description of the road, highlighting its potential difficultes and exiting facilities for the horse. Abstracted list of every village with its resources, highly useful to plan the different stages. More than 2.500 addresses of Hoteksm Guest-Houses, Public and Private Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. The telephone numbers of civil guard “Guardia Civil” and Local Police, Red Cross, Town Halls and Related Associations.